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We have many products available on our shop page. We just launched 3 books as well. We will keep our subscribers and community posted once we have launched our "right tools right time" products.
For now, please reach out to us directly at We would love to welcome you to the expert writer team!
At this time, we are not running any discounts, sales or promos, but if you subscribe to our website, we are happy to let you know the moment we do!
Visit our Courses page! We have 4 courses right now, and a featured parenting course that is launching in just 2 short weeks!
Yes we can! You can reach out to us directly, but we have a database launching in the next few weeks that will allow you to browse our experts and specialists that are available as a resource to you!
We have an application form. This page will launch in the next 2-4 weeks. If you would like to join our specialist database launch, please email us at

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We’d love to talk to you regarding any questions you may have. For any PR inquiries, please email us at A DrSensory Representative will be in touch shortly.

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