You Ask, We Answer! - Interview with Dr. Bekah Barnett regarding Sensory Enrichment Therapy - Sensory Processing Disorders, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety.

You Ask, We Answer! - Interview with Dr. Bekah Barnett regarding Sensory Enrichment Therapy - Sensory Processing Disorders, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety.
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Have you or a loved one received a diagnosis and now are having a long wait time to find answers to your questions? Professionals like Dr. Bekah Barnett based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida, are out there to provide you with some of the answers you are seeking. We interviewed Dr. Barnett to provide you with another resource. Dr. Bekah serves children, adults, and families with Sensory Processing Disorder, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety. She provides Sensory Enrichment Therapy, which integrates many therapy modalities, offering an individualized and holistic approach to treatment. Here is what she has to say. 

Dr. Bekah Barnett believes that HEARING, PREPARING, and SUPPORTING are the most important things you can do. You can even help create a space for your child to have a safe sensory “meltdown” and sometimes that is all the child needs! This allows the child to express their feelings but also shows them that you are listening. Sometimes this is the process that needs to happen for you to learn more as the caregiver and therefore provide tailored and specialized care to the very specific needs of the individual experiencing sensory processing difficulties. Dr. Bekah Barnett says “Creating a sensory-calming environment is easier than most people think and goes a long way!”. 

By coaching family members and the individuals who experience sensory processing disorders themselves, Dr. Bekah Barnett can help you explore and discover what triggers there may be, help manage behaviors, and help you provide the care you need to provide after a diagnosis. 

One of the questions we asked was “What are some more discrete ways of coping for those in middle/high school or those in the workforce?” Dr. Bekah Barnett recommends that you work with the skills and strengths the individuals already have. Provide simple instructions and clear directions - essentially, break down expectations for what needs to happen to make it easier to understand. Visual aids can help! You can also practice communication skills and emotional responses. Overall, Dr. Barnett emphasizes that you should be supportive and consistent - normalize the individual’s experience. 

When discussing product recommendations, Dr. Bekah Barnett believes that you should consider the developmental stage of the individual as opposed to the age. Two children of the same age may be very different in the milestones they have or have not achieved and this makes a difference. For young kids, playdough, putty, kinetic sand, building blocks, and seat buddies are always a hit. Tweens, teens, and even grown-ups can benefit from a sensory box, fidgets, and multi-sensory experiences (i.e. music and fidgets).

You can view Dr. Bekah Barnett's wonderful resources on her website, including documents on how to build a sensory box. If you would like to get in contact with Dr. Barnett with further questions or are seeking more resources, you may email Dr. Bekah Barnett at


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