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Wiggle seat: sensory cushion

Wiggle seat: sensory cushion

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  • I bought this because my 7yo has a hard time sitting still during class and was getting in trouble. I sent this to school with her and there was an immediate improvement in her ability to have expected behavior.

  • I can’t recommend enough!

  • Daughter is very picky on textures and the school got her a seat that she didn't like. We let her pick this out and she loves it.

  • We got one of these for our 5 and 3 year old who have a hard time sitting still for supper. As soon as we got them, the kids have stayed at the table the entire mealtime without asking to get up. Huge difference. They like the product.

  • We got this for my kindergartener on the recommendation of his therapist. First day he used it in school he had his first perfect day and filled up his sticker chart. He loves it and it's definitely helping him stay in his seat and focus.

  • This bouncy seat took my first grader from daily behavior notes to being able focus and stay on task. Made for a happier child, mom, and teacher!

  • My son has autism and has had problems sitting still as he is very active. This has caused a problem in school, so when I saw this I thought “eh why not?” I’m pleased to say his para has had nothing but good things to say! She said it helps so much because he’s able to stimulate without much distraction (if that makes sense) he actually sits for longer periods of time and is able to get work done. I’m considering purchasing another for here at home, because once he’s here it’s like a gym for him. Climbing, jumping, running, even for lunch and dinner he has to be up and moving. Fingers crossed we see improvement at home too! I would recommend this product!

  • We love it so much. Our church has gone online during Covid 19 and our 8 year old can focus, watching/participating in a full service, virtually. We bought it for virtual/hybrid learning for school and even our son noticed a difference in his behavior success. He packed it in his backpack to take for standardized testing this week.

  • This works great for my son who has ADHD. He cannot sit still or stay in his seat. This truly helps him to stay seated and wiggle just the right amount without being crazy

  • My son is 9 and has ADHD. This pillow has helped so much in class. He loves it and his teacher praises how much it has changed how much he focuses. May get one to keep at home!

  • We ordered 2 of these one for home and one for school. They seem to be helping tremendously with our little hyper child! We also take this to her piano lessons. It’s a great resource and easy to throw into a bag and carry with us and easy for her to carry to and from her choice of sitting at school or home.


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