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Sensory Tube Visual Stimulation

Sensory Tube Visual Stimulation

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  • Granddaughter has sensory issues with a few more health problems and these toys were perfect. She really enjoys playing with them and would recommend them to anyone who child has sensory issues, in OT or PT, etc.

  • Great toys for daughter. She loves sitting with them and it helps her relax and calm down.

  • These seem very durable and my daughter plays around with them quite a bit. Definitely recommended for kids with a higher sensory input need.

  • Bought this for my two year old and she really likes them! They are calming, but also educational: why do these objects move slower in water and faster in air? One of the tubs comes with a button that pushes the glitter/water up. My toddler loves pushing it. It’s a clean and easy source of wonder while we’re driving or traveling or just walking to park.

  • My autistic grandson loves them. So do his younger sisters!

  • This did work to help child with calming

  • I use these in my preschool classroom when a student may need a minute to calm down!

  • My students use these sensory fidget tubes in the calm down area of the classroom and like them very much. They are very durable and I don't feel that they would break if dropped. These have been a good addition to our classroom.

  • Bought for an autistic child who has a hard time maintaining eye contact. With these toys, he enjoys moving and turning them, then will look at his people to show them what he does. It is so nice to see him being more willing to interact

  • Great tool for kids that stem and autistic children alike

  • We bought these for a calm down corner and they are great little tools to help kids focus on something else besides the big emotions going through them.

  • I was trying to figure out what to buy my Autistic nephew and this was a great choice. I was told he loves snow globes but he throws toys and have broken them. These are great alternatives. They calm him and he enjoys watching the water bubbles and such. He does throw them when he’s upset but they are durable and haven’t broke yet.

  • Bought for my autistic son and he loves them. He plays with them everyday. They're neat looking and all are different. Seem pretty durable.


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