Not sure how to feel? Sensory Processing Disorder

Not sure how to feel? Sensory Processing Disorder

My daughter struggles with loud sounds, textures, food, she loves routines, loves everything being lined up, becomes anxious in busy or new places.

How have other people found it since their child got diagnosed? Does the therapy help?



It can be overwhelming to receive a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder for your child, but know that you are not alone. Many other parents have also gone through similar experiences and have found support and success in helping their child manage their symptoms.

Therapy can be extremely helpful for children with sensory processing disorder. Occupational therapy, in particular, focuses on addressing specific sensory issues and helping children develop coping mechanisms to navigate their surroundings. It can also help with gross motor delays and improve a child's overall functioning.


Every Child is Different with Sensory Processing 

It's important to remember that every child is different, so therapy may not look the same for every child. Some children may respond well to individual therapy sessions, while others may benefit from group settings or even at-home exercises.

Additionally, it's important to have open and ongoing communication with your child's therapist. They can offer insights into your child's progress and provide strategies for managing their symptoms.

It's also helpful to connect with other parents of children with sensory processing disorder. They can offer support, understanding, and tips for managing day-to-day challenges. You may even find local parent support groups or online communities to join.


Your Sensory Child is Unique 

Remember, your child is unique and with the right support and interventions, they can thrive despite their challenges. Keep advocating for them and providing a loving and supportive environment, and you will see progress in their development. Stay positive and don't hesitate to seek help when you need it. Together, we can navigate this journey of parenting children with sensory processing disorder. You've got this! And remember, your child is amazing just the way they are. Don't let their diagnosis define them or limit their potential. They are capable of achieving great things and you are there to cheer them on every step of the way. Keep up the great work, parent! You're doing an incredible job. #parentingwithSPD

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