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Teething Sticks

Teething Sticks

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  • My Grandbaby is 8 months and teething. My Daughter in Law said these do the trick!! Lots of ribs and numbs to bring soothing relief! Can even put them in fridge to chill for achy gums!

  • My son has been playing with these since he started teeth at 6 months (now 8), and he absolutely loves them. Not only did they teach him how to properly bring things to his mouth without gagging himself, they have really really helped with his teething. He genuinely gets excited when I bring on of these out. I have also fed him food of them.

  • Gifted to my 1 year old nephew for his birthday. He has a lot of teeth coming in at once. I had them washed and ready to go for him. They provided relief and he had fun placing them in and out of the cup I placed them in. Simple, effective and easy for little fingers to manipulate. The assorted colors also serve as a good learning tool.


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