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Sensory mats/tiles/discs/bean bags - multi sensory exploration

Sensory mats/tiles/discs/bean bags - multi sensory exploration

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  • Bought these for my two year old, He loves them. he is a century seeking individual. And this made it fun to incorporate different textures and obstacles into his learning. Well made and easy to use

  • Worth It for sensory exercises with ASD kids

  • Absolutely wonderful sensory mat space, perfect for putting up in the corner of my neice's room where she sometimes needs to retire for a calm down moment. These are also great for a falling-asleep space if your child uses texture as a calming mechanism. Lots of variety in this kit and installation was a snap. I feel like there will be minimal/no wall damage if it's removed correctly, and the kids (even neurotypical children) love to sit and explore the textures and even use some of them as creative vertical play spaces. I'm really happy with this kit and highly recommend it for both home and classroom use!

  • As a former special education teacher, and now the mother of a sensory seeking toddler, I am absolutely impressed with this set of sensory mats. There is a variety of textures, and the mats themselves are well-made - constructed to be handled. My toddler instantly wanted to take his socks off, put the larger mats (and the silicone circles) on the floor, and play the "floor is lava" game, while excitedly describing the texture of each mat - so this is not only a great set for fulfilling sensory/texture needs, but encourages descriptive language. Each of the larger mats has ample anti-slip sticky dots on the backside to keep them in place while they're on the floor/stepped on - I was pleasantly surprised by this detail, especially since that was unexpectedly the first thing my son was drawn to do with them. The smaller silicone circles are naturally anti-slip, but the smaller squares (likely designed for more "at your desk" types of activities) have a mesh type backing that isn't anti-slip. I highly recommend this product set - and only wish I had found it sooner! This would be a phenomenal addition to any infant's early sensory exploration, as well as within any school setting for older kids - a super versatile product.

  • My son is an occupational therapy student, and works with individuals on the autism spectrum. Below are his comments about this product.

  • The kit includes a large range of textures on mats, disks, and panels, which gives it some good versatility for working with clients or kids with sensory needs. I would highly recommend this kit for locations that work with sensory integration, tactile defensiveness or other skills involving somatosensory experiences. If a specific individual is being acclimated with tactile stimulation, this kit could be useful towards that goal. Not all individuals are comfortable with touching various textures, however, so before getting this set for one specific individual, you may want to be sure they are willing to use the product.


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