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Sensory Swing for kids with special needs

Sensory Swing for kids with special needs

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  • My son loves his swing, he is a 4year old with autism, and when thing get to be too much you can often find him just sitting in his swing playing with some toys. We have ours hanging in a hall visible to the living space, it goes up and down easily with a small bracket left on the ceiling.

  • This has been so very amazing for my preteen son! He would live in this if he could! It soothes, it relaxes and it calms. I find him reading, eating, sleeping . . . He loves his sensory swing. I've had all ages, and all weights in the swing; it always feels safe while in it. Young adults get ecstatic when they see it in my t.v. room and they all want to sit in it.

  • The gentle swinging motion and cocoon-like embrace create a calming and soothing experience, perfect for sensory integration and relaxation. Additionally, the swing's design allows for different positions, such as sitting, reclining, or even lying down, offering a variety of sensory input and engagement. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for children with sensory processing difficulties or those who simply enjoy the soothing benefits of swinging. One of the standout features of this sensory swing is its ability to stimulate the senses. The comfortable fabric and gentle swinging motion provide a tactile and proprioceptive experience, helping children develop body awareness and balance. The enclosed design of the swing creates a cozy and private space, providing a sense of security and calmness. The gentle sway engages the vestibular system, promoting spatial awareness and coordination. These sensory inputs combine to create a multisensory experience that supports sensory integration and overall well-being.

  • I haven't hung it yet, but I am so far impressed with the hardware, it certainly is heavy duty! The material of the sling is amazing too, I have 3 kids that are all likely on the spectrum and sometimes like the tighter spaces, but they all definitely like swinging. I would actually like to use this too at times. I guess I might have to get more. The material is the kind of slicker, stretchy material if texture is a thing. Kind of like some athletic shirts. Just be aware of that texture. It doesn't bother me, but I know some may not like it.


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