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Kids peanut bounce desk chair - Wiggle Seat:

Kids peanut bounce desk chair - Wiggle Seat:

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  • This product was exactly as expected. Perfect for my sensory seeking kids on the spectrum. It’s great for many things. My kids bounce on it while they watch tv. It’s very durable. 
  • our child drives everyone in the family crazy on the couch, no body wants to sit by her, she rolls, kicks, sits upside down. obviously this causes fights, and heated moments and feeling. However this person got a peanut for christmas, and it has really helped everyone out with her bouncy tendencies, she sit along on it for tv time, or even during play. help her focus, and gives a area for her to express her energy away from her victims( I mean family members)
  • I have a child with Autism and i've had this for four months now. He has a hard time staying still and this was perfect to have during his Behavioral sessions at home or just in general. He loves to bounce on them and can easily finish some assignments when being ask. It's still in great shape and can handle 58 lbs (my son's current weight)
  • Great size for toddlers. My kids love this and it’s durable even for the sensory seeking kiddos.
  • I have a super sensory kid so I love things like this, but both my kiddos are obsessed with it. You can tell it’s sturdy and high quality. It can handle relentless jumping. 


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