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Dr. Kbder Fidget Toy Pack

Dr. Kbder Fidget Toy Pack

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  • Sensory fidgets toys bulk - various kinds of adhd fidget water squishy toys help you relieve stres and anti-anxiety during working, help your kids keeping busy and focus during play.
  • Safe and reliable - Each fidget toys is Made of durable, safe and Non-toxic material. With international toy standards, these toys are worry free.
  • Sensory toys for autistic children - Have fun for hours while practicing and improving finger flexibility. Keep your hands and minds busy during work. Great office desk fidgets for adults stress relief and Anti-anxiety.
  • Portable ADHD stress relief Toy - Each fidget toy is easy to operate, which can be used anywhere, anytime in various locations and occasions such as home, office, restaurant, theater, public transportation, etc. Make your daily life funny.
  • Gifts for kids & adults - The quiet fidget toys can effectively help focus attention and promote sensory development. It is an ideal and considerate gift for children and adults. It a simple and great gift idea for birthday, Thanksgiving or Halloween, Christmas!

<table id="productDetails_detailBullets_sections1" class="a-keyvalue prodDetTable" role="presentation">          <tbody><tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> Product Dimensions </th>  <td class="a-size-base prodDetAttrValue"> 6 x 4 x 3 inches </td> </tr>            <tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> Item Weight </th>  <td class="a-size-base prodDetAttrValue"> 10.8 ounces </td> </tr>                          <tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> ASIN </th>  <td class="a-size-base prodDetAttrValue"> B0CTJCDC8K </td> </tr>            <tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> Manufacturer recommended age </th>  <td class="a-size-base prodDetAttrValue"> 3 years and up </td> </tr>             <tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> Best Sellers Rank </th> <td> <span>  <span>#9,622 in Toys &amp; Games (<a href="/gp/bestsellers/toys-and-games/ref=pd_zg_ts_toys-and-games">See Top 100 in Toys &amp; Games</a>)</span> <br>  <span>#52 in <a href="/gp/bestsellers/toys-and-games/17238449011/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_toys-and-games">Fidget Blocks</a></span> <br>  </span> </td> </tr>                 <tr>   <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry">Customer Reviews</th>  <td class="a-size-base">   <style type="text/css">
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      <br> 4.6 out of 5 stars </td> </tr>               <tr> <th class="a-color-secondary a-size-base prodDetSectionEntry"> Manufacturer </th>  <td class="a-size-base prodDetAttrValue"> Dr.Kbder </td> </tr>      </tbody></table>


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