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Our Efforts

Our mission is to provide valuable resources and knowledge to all parents, educators, and to those diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, ADHD, and other related diagnoses.

By investing in us, you're betting on our future growth, from which you would earn a return the same way institutional investors would (if we are acquired or go public).

You are investing in a team of dedicated educators, product designers, developers,and experts in all things SPD and related diagnoses.

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Why Invest in DrSensory?

  • We have a growing Therapy Database that is poised to become the #1 resource for parents, caretakers and educators seeking information.
  • We have a large network of expert writers, product designers, product developers, authors developing products and innovative ideas to put on the market.
  • We are affiliated with some of the larger distributors such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more. Follow along with our success!
  • We have a growing list of course offerings for parents, teachers, and educators alike that bring in passive income and educate about SPD and other related diagnoses..
  • We live and breath DrSensory daily - and are excited to bring it to the world! Invest in us!

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We are the future of Education and Product Innovation related to Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Autism, and related diagnoses..