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Weighted Lap Pad for Kids

Weighted Lap Pad for Kids

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  • I like the fact that my grandson, who's autistic, really uses the pad on his own. It really calms him down.

  • My son has a hard time sitting still when doing things he doesn't enjoy- like reading or sitting through a long church sermon. We got this for him to use during those times, and it has made a world of difference. He loves it, and actually takes it everywhere! Win-win because its heavy, so he is constantly getting the extra sensory work of carrying something heavy around to meet his high sensory threshold. It seems very well made. I am so glad we got this!

  • I really love this little blanket. My baby was born premature and he had bad anxiety so I used this from the moment he came home from NICU. He got so use to it he wouldn't sleep or sit without it. He is now 8 months and still uses it as a security blanket. I will be upgrading him to a 5 pound once he turns 1 as this one is a 3 pound. It very much worth the money and even better for stair step parents. It helped keep him calm long enough for me to settle my toddlers.

  • I bought this for my son who is Autistic and struggle with Sensory disorder. This helps him calm down when he is feeling overwhelmed and sensory overload. Great for days with a lot of activity a perfect size for him to bring to school and use whenever needed!

  • This has been a great tool for my son. It was recommended be his therapist and it has made a big difference in him staying focused

  • Got this for my daycare kids. One of the few that is correctly weighted at 10 percent of body weight. My little guy on spectrum loves it and asked for his own for home.

  • The school districts director recommended a weighted lap pad to help our little boy concentrate and he just loves it. It's just big enough to cover his lap but that's all you need. If I could buy a hundred to see the look on his face when he first got it I'd do it because we don't get to see that too often.

  • My daughters both have ADD and one has ADHD. These lap pads help with the jittery legs and help keep them more calm during class online right now. Would definitely recommend. Help with the anxiety of distance learning and sitting at their desk for hours on end. They are super soft and the 7 pound weight is perfect for a middle schooler and up. Cute design and so comfortable


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