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Feelings Chart, Social Emotional Learning Activities

Feelings Chart, Social Emotional Learning Activities

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  • 【Recognize and Express Feelings】Each Feelings Pocket Chart comes with 2 Topic Cards ("I Feel “and “I Can”), 24 Feeling Cards, 24 Activity Cards, 6 Blank Cards, 1 Felt Board, 2 PVC Storage Bags, 66 Dot Stickers and 1 Hanging Rope. This Feelings Pocket Chart can teach children to learn to recognize and learn to express 24 feelings and 24 ways to deal with feelings, and the 6 blank cards that come with the set can add other feelings and ways to it.
  • 【Social Emotional Learning for Kid】 It is important to help a kid or toddler understand their feelings and emotions. Feeling cards with vivid cartoon illustrations can help them identify different feelings and emotions, so that they can identify their own and others' feelings and emotions in social interaction. The feelings chart can develop children's self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.
  • 【ADHD & Autism Learning Materials】The feelings chart is also suitable for children with ADHD and autism, and it can help manage emotions and provide positive and effective ways to cope with feelings and emotions. Let children learn anger management, which helps control impulsive behavior. The feelings chart are essential for kids who have trouble expressing their emotions. It is great material for ADHD behavior therapy and ABA therapy.
  • 【Wide Application & Durable】 Our Feeling Charts are 2 in 1 felt boards. It can be unfolded to hang on the wall by using the hanging rope or folded to place on a horizontal surface by using the stickers on the felt board. All cards are made of PVC material, which is durable and not easy to tear. All cards are waterproof. Two transparent and removable storage bags store all your flash cards, more convenient to carry.
  • 【Calm Down Corner Must Haves】This feelings chart is perfect for counselors, teachers, and even parents. Let your children share their emotions and feelings with you at home or in the classroom, and then teach them how to cope. Feelings charts are must-have calm down corner supplies for classroom, daycare and home. When children can't manage their emotions, let them go to the calm down corner to find the feeling card of the feelings chart, and then provide them with coping cards.


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