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Calm/Quiet Corner Kit

Calm/Quiet Corner Kit

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  • This is a really great kit and a great value for all that it includes. It’s really a full calming corner kit. The weighted bear is a favorite. It also comes with different, tactile sensory calming textures. It has a puzzle. It takes kids through the very important steps of identifying how they feel, identifying what they need, and deciding what they can do. There are also posters with some calming and grounding techniques. Overall, a great kit which comes with a nice storage bin.

  • This is a wonderful kit for all children, and even some adults that may need it. The lap pad is so soft, soo soothing, and absolutely a necessity for most, if not all, overwrought children, and occasional adult. The fidget tools, toys, and comfort items are also great additions to any calming corner or calming cubicle, whatever you may use to help children calm down and regulate after a dysregulating experience.

  • When setting up my kindergarten classroom, I realized I needed to set up calming corner for my students. This set has everything I needed to get started. My students love having a safe place to go and reflect and self regulate. The products seem to be well made and should hold up well. I could also see this being used in a home with a child that often needs help re-centering. The items are well designed and intentional in their use.

  • This set is great for both schools and home and everywhere in between, it's a valuable set for giving important queues for calming down and teaching important emotional regulation. This would be useful for both neuro typical and neurodivergent children and adults, it's never too young to teach coping skills. This was the beginners set so you can add to it, a great tool.

  • This is a really clever and high quality set to use a strategy tool for children eith Autism or difficulty in regulating emotions. It includes a background set, three pegs and three sets of laminated cards on a key ring. One set shares different emotions; one shows what they need; and another set shows a strategy they can follow. Perfect for a school setting.


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