Best Amazon Sensory Toys for Children (with Reviews)

Best Amazon Sensory Toys for Children (with Reviews)

Best Amazon Sensory Toys for Children

There are so many products out there that are for sensory-seeking children and adults. We have researched some of the best ones and have them linked for you here! We have also included some of the reviews that may help you decide on the product best for you and your loved ones!

Two sided rock around wobble disk and climbing down for toddlers and kids


- Great gift for child with sensory issues.

- My great niece loves this. She will grab her blanket and book and climb in. Or sit and rock. Good idea for a toddler.

- I bought this hoping my almost 5 year old autistic son would like rocking around in it but he's actually mostly uses it to spin around! He loves having us spin him around in it! It's a nice size to where kids should be able to continue to use it as they grow!

- Perfect for a child with sensory needs that like to twirl and rock. It doesn’t flip over easy its nice and sturdy

- This is a great toy for indoor or outdoor play or even just to chill out. It's a rocker and when turned over, the child can climb on it so both sides have endless imaginative play to them.

Kids peanut bounce desk chair - wiggle seat


- This product was exactly as expected. Perfect for my sensory seeking kids on the spectrum. It’s great for many things. My kids bounce on it while they watch tv. It’s very durable.

- Our child drives everyone in the family crazy on the couch, no body wants to sit by her, she rolls, kicks, sits upside down. obviously this causes fights, and heated moments and feeling. However this person got a peanut for christmas, and it has really helped everyone out with her bouncy tendencies, she sit along on it for tv time, or even during play. help her focus, and gives a area for her to express her energy away from her victims( I mean family members)

- I have a child with Autism and i've had this for four months now. He has a hard time staying still and this was perfect to have during his Behavioral sessions at home or just in general. He loves to bounce on them and can easily finish some assignments when being ask. It's still in great shape and can handle 58 lbs (my son's current weight)

- Great size for toddlers. My kids love this and it’s durable even for the sensory seeking kiddos.

- I have a super sensory kid so I love things like this, but both my kiddos are obsessed with it. You can tell it’s sturdy and high quality. It can handle relentless jumping.

Kids swivel chair, balance toys


- I am happy to report it is AMAZING, and beyond exceeding our expectations, and the reviews we read prior to purchasing. This item was bought for our special needs teen. The seat fits her great. It’s easy for her to get on and off unassisted. It is very durable, lightweight, and the best part there was ZERO assembly!! As a special needs parent it is hard to find toys for our sensory sealing child that are age appropriate, and for her height and weight. I could not recommend this product more. Our other children enjoy it as well. The ages in our home range from 4-18.

- Our 16 year old daughter is Down Syndrome and has always loved to spin. She is only 4’11” tall and weighs 110 and she fits perfectly in this. She spins like crazy! Sturdy and well made.

- My 6 and 2 year old took turns on this all day long on Christmas and played with basically nothing else. Great for hyper active sensory seeking children.

- My autistic son loves it!

- So purchases kind of skeptical, but after we got it unwrapped and my child played on it, it was a total hit due to my child seeking sensory input at every turn. She spends a lot of time on this toy it seems so the job

- This swivel chair is the best! idea to give happiness, fun and tranquility to my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. 100% recommended

Calming down corner kit with posterior, toys, fidget tools


- This is a really great kit and a great value for all that it includes. It’s really a full calming corner kit. The weighted bear is a favorite. It also comes with different, tactile sensory calming textures. It has a puzzle. It takes kids through the very important steps of identifying how they feel, identifying what they need, and deciding what they can do. There are also posters with some calming and grounding techniques. Overall, a great kit which comes with a nice storage bin.

- This is a wonderful kit for all children, and even some adults that may need it. The lap pad is so soft, soo soothing, and absolutely a necessity for most, if not all, overwrought children, and occasional adult. The fidget tools, toys, and comfort items are also great additions to any calming corner or calming cubicle, whatever you may use to help children calm down and regulate after a dysregulating experience.

- When setting up my kindergarten classroom, I realized I needed to set up calming corner for my students. This set has everything I needed to get started. My students love having a safe place to go and reflect and self regulate. The products seem to be well made and should hold up well. I could also see this being used in a home with a child that often needs help re-centering. The items are well designed and intentional in their use.

- This set is great for both schools and home and everywhere in between, it's a valuable set for giving important queues for calming down and teaching important emotional regulation. This would be useful for both neuro typical and neurodivergent children and adults, it's never too young to teach coping skills. This was the beginners set so you can add to it, a great tool.

- This is a really clever and high quality set to use a strategy tool for children with Autism or difficulty in regulating emotions. It includes a background set, three pegs and three sets of laminated cards on a key ring. One set shares different emotions; one shows what they need; and another set shows a strategy they can follow. Perfect for a school setting.

Sensory Swing for kids with special needs


- My son loves his swing, he is a 4year old with autism, and when thing get to be too much you can often find him just sitting in his swing playing with some toys. We have ours hanging in a hall visible to the living space, it goes up and down easily with a small bracket left on the ceiling.

- This has been so very amazing for my preteen son! He would live in this if he could! It soothes, it relaxes and it calms. I find him reading, eating, sleeping . . . He loves his sensory swing. I've had all ages, and all weights in the swing; it always feels safe while in it. Young adults get ecstatic when they see it in my t.v. room and they all want to sit in it.

- The gentle swinging motion and cocoon-like embrace create a calming and soothing experience, perfect for sensory integration and relaxation. Additionally, the swing's design allows for different positions, such as sitting, reclining, or even lying down, offering a variety of sensory input and engagement. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for children with sensory processing difficulties or those who simply enjoy the soothing benefits of swinging. One of the standout features of this sensory swing is its ability to stimulate the senses. The comfortable fabric and gentle swinging motion provide a tactile and proprioceptive experience, helping children develop body awareness and balance. The enclosed design of the swing creates a cozy and private space, providing a sense of security and calmness. The gentle sway engages the vestibular system, promoting spatial awareness and coordination. These sensory inputs combine to create a multisensory experience that supports sensory integration and overall well-being.

- I haven't hung it yet, but I am so far impressed with the hardware, it certainly is heavy duty! The material of the sling is amazing too, I have 3 kids that are all likely on the spectrum and sometimes like the tighter spaces, but they all definitely like swinging. I would actually like to use this too at times. I guess I might have to get more. The material is the kind of slicker, stretchy material if texture is a thing. Kind of like some athletic shirts. Just be aware of that texture. It doesn't bother me, but I know some may not like it.

Sensory chew toys, oral motor chew tool



- This sensory teething set is great for sensory seekers and teething babies alike. The little bumps give great mouth stimulation and the handles make them easy to hold.

- They're amazing for teething because they have these little sensory things on them that keep baby engaged and I can definitely tell they're helping. Overall great product and value.

Weighted lap pad for kids


- I like the fact that my grandson, who's autistic, really uses the pad on his own. It really calms him down.

- My son has a hard time sitting still when doing things he doesn't enjoy- like reading or sitting through a long church sermon. We got this for him to use during those times, and it has made a world of difference. He loves it, and actually takes it everywhere! Win-win because its heavy, so he is constantly getting the extra sensory work of carrying something heavy around to meet his high sensory threshold. It seems very well made. I am so glad we got this!

- I really love this little blanket. My baby was born premature and he had bad anxiety so I used this from the moment he came home from NICU. He got so use to it he wouldn't sleep or sit without it. He is now 8 months and still uses it as a security blanket. I will be upgrading him to a 5 pound once he turns 1 as this one is a 3 pound. It very much worth the money and even better for stair step parents. It helped keep him calm long enough for me to settle my toddlers.

- I bought this for my son who is Autistic and struggle with Sensory disorder. This helps him calm down when he is feeling overwhelmed and sensory overload. Great for days with a lot of activity a perfect size for him to bring to school and use whenever needed!

- This has been a great tool for my son. It was recommended be his therapist and it has made a big difference in him staying focused

- Got this for my daycare kids. One of the few that is correctly weighted at 10 percent of body weight. My little guy on spectrum loves it and asked for his own for home.

- The school districts director recommended a weighted lap pad to help our little boy concentrate and he just loves it. It's just big enough to cover his lap but that's all you need. If I could buy a hundred to see the look on his face when he first got it I'd do it because we don't get to see that too often.

- My daughters both have ADD and one has ADHD. These lap pads help with the jittery legs and help keep them more calm during class online right now. Would definitely recommend. Help with the anxiety of distance learning and sitting at their desk for hours on end. They are super soft and the 7 pound weight is perfect for a middle schooler and up. Cute design and so comfortable.

Wiggle seat: sensory cushion


- I bought this because my 7yo has a hard time sitting still during class and was getting in trouble. I sent this to school with her and there was an immediate improvement in her ability to have expected behavior.

- I can’t recommend enough!

- Daughter is very picky on textures and the school got her a seat that she didn't like. We let her pick this out and she loves it.

- We got one of these for our 5 and 3 year old who have a hard time sitting still for supper. As soon as we got them, the kids have stayed at the table the entire mealtime without asking to get up. Huge difference. They like the product.

- We got this for my kindergartener on the recommendation of his therapist. First day he used it in school he had his first perfect day and filled up his sticker chart. He loves it and it's definitely helping him stay in his seat and focus.

- This bouncy seat took my first grader from daily behavior notes to being able focus and stay on task. Made for a happier child, mom, and teacher!

- My son has autism and has had problems sitting still as he is very active. This has caused a problem in school, so when I saw this I thought “eh why not?” I’m pleased to say his para has had nothing but good things to say! She said it helps so much because he’s able to stimulate without much distraction (if that makes sense) he actually sits for longer periods of time and is able to get work done. I’m considering purchasing another for here at home, because once he’s here it’s like a gym for him. Climbing, jumping, running, even for lunch and dinner he has to be up and moving. Fingers crossed we see improvement at home too! I would recommend this product!

- We love it so much. Our church has gone online during Covid 19 and our 8 year old can focus, watching/participating in a full service, virtually. We bought it for virtual/hybrid learning for school and even our son noticed a difference in his behavior success. He packed it in his backpack to take for standardized testing this week.

- This works great for my son who has ADHD. He cannot sit still or stay in his seat. This truly helps him to stay seated and wiggle just the right amount without being crazy

- My son is 9 and has ADHD. This pillow has helped so much in class. He loves it and his teacher praises how much it has changed how much he focuses. May get one to keep at home!

- We ordered 2 of these one for home and one for school. They seem to be helping tremendously with our little hyper child! We also take this to her piano lessons. It’s a great resource and easy to throw into a bag and carry with us and easy for her to carry to and from her choice of sitting at school or home.

Sensory mats/tiles/discs/bean bags - multi sensory exploration


- Bought these for my two year old, He loves them. he is a century seeking individual. And this made it fun to incorporate different textures and obstacles into his learning. Well made and easy to use

- Worth It for sensory exercises with ASD kids

- Absolutely wonderful sensory mat space, perfect for putting up in the corner of my niece's room where she sometimes needs to retire for a calm down moment. These are also great for a falling-asleep space if your child uses texture as a calming mechanism. Lots of variety in this kit and installation was a snap. I feel like there will be minimal/no wall damage if it's removed correctly, and the kids (even neurotypical children) love to sit and explore the textures and even use some of them as creative vertical play spaces. I'm really happy with this kit and highly recommend it for both home and classroom use!

- As a former special education teacher, and now the mother of a sensory seeking toddler, I am absolutely impressed with this set of sensory mats. There is a variety of textures, and the mats themselves are well-made - constructed to be handled. My toddler instantly wanted to take his socks off, put the larger mats (and the silicone circles) on the floor, and play the "floor is lava" game, while excitedly describing the texture of each mat - so this is not only a great set for fulfilling sensory/texture needs, but encourages descriptive language. Each of the larger mats has ample anti-slip sticky dots on the backside to keep them in place while they're on the floor/stepped on - I was pleasantly surprised by this detail, especially since that was unexpectedly the first thing my son was drawn to do with them. The smaller silicone circles are naturally anti-slip, but the smaller squares (likely designed for more "at your desk" types of activities) have a mesh type backing that isn't anti-slip. I highly recommend this product set - and only wish I had found it sooner! This would be a phenomenal addition to any infant's early sensory exploration, as well as within any school setting for older kids - a super versatile product.

- My son is an occupational therapy student, and works with individuals on the autism spectrum. Below are his comments about this product. The kit includes a large range of textures on mats, disks, and panels, which gives it some good versatility for working with clients or kids with sensory needs. I would highly recommend this kit for locations that work with sensory integration, tactile defensiveness or other skills involving somatosensory experiences. If a specific individual is being acclimated with tactile stimulation, this kit could be useful towards that goal. Not all individuals are comfortable with touching various textures, however, so before getting this set for one specific individual, you may want to be sure they are willing to use the product.

Pop tubes, imaginative play and stimulating creating learning POPPIN PIPE


- Three year old grandson takes this everywhere he goes. He is fascinated by the sounds and the squishing together and pulling out. He uses them to "sword" fight with other family members. Talk about bang for a buck! He ignores expensive toys to play with this one.

- I’ve had a difficult time finding toys that my delayed almost 2 year old takes interest in. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. He can’t figure out most toys for his age group and the toys for younger children are more baby-based and not toddler based. These keep him occupied and happy. He figured them out really fast and goes for this toy over every other toy he owns (and he owns a lot). 10/10 recommend

- My autistic kiddo loves these and he makes dogs collars with them!

Baby teething toy, fine motor skills


- My 4 month old loves this toy. It’s easy to hold and chew on. He loves that it also makes noise when he shakes it. Perfect toy for a baby!

- This is a great toy for teething babies. My son loves it and play with this all the time. It helps sooth him and give him some relief from the teething process. It is easy to clean and caught my son's attention. I recommend this.

- Great little teether. Also great for fine motor skills as well as teething. Well made toy.

- My 3-month-old granddaughter took to this right away. We have it hanging from the arch over her head. She is constantly grabbing for it, chewing on it and watching it. So many textures and colors as well as a rattle. So much to touch and chew on. I highly recommend this toy.

- I got this for a teething 6 month old. Not only is it great for teething, as there are many options to choose from on this, but it rattles when shaken and it entertains the baby. He loves holding, looking, and shaking it as there's a lot of detail in this.

- My teething baby and my toddler both love this toy. My teether for the relief and ease using it and my toddler for the texture and movements. We ended up getting two because they kept fighting over it.

Teething sticks


- My Grandbaby is 8 months and teething. My Daughter in Law said these do the trick!! Lots of ribs and numbs to bring soothing relief! Can even put them in fridge to chill for achy gums!

- My son has been playing with these since he started teeth at 6 months (now 8), and he absolutely loves them. Not only did they teach him how to properly bring things to his mouth without gagging himself, they have really really helped with his teething. He genuinely gets excited when I bring on of these out. I have also fed him food of them.

- Gifted to my 1 year old nephew for his birthday. He has a lot of teeth coming in at once. I had them washed and ready to go for him. They provided relief and he had fun placing them in and out of the cup I placed them in. Simple, effective and easy for little fingers to manipulate. The assorted colors also serve as a good learning tool.

Sensory chew toys for oral motor stimulation


- Our 9 month old loves these! She likes that she can put her hand through and hold on to it. It has different textures she can feel and chew on in her mouth, great with teething and sensory toy.

- My daughter's speech therapy clinic uses these and my daughter loves being able to chew on these.

- I love how durable these teethers are! My toddler still has a strong desire to chew on things, and many baby teethers are not sturdy enough. These have great textures, I like that they can reach the back teeth, and I appreciate that there is a loop where you can attach a strap to prevent it from falling on the ground.

- Great teether and wonderful for muscle development

Suction cup spinner toys


- I gave 2 to my 1 year old baby and the other to my son with autism. Both are picky with toys but these were a hit! Very heartwarming to watch

- These are the most simple and yet entertaining toys for my toddler! It helped him learned to stand by placing them up higher on the window so he could reach for them! He loves to stand there and spin them over and over. The best is when you put it on your forehead and spin it :) Great entertainment for the house, car, and on-the-go! Suction can be a little weak but for the most part they stick really well.

- My 10 month old grandson loves these! They stick on smooth surfaces and he loves that he can leave them and come back to watch them spin! He loves the bright colors as well

- Great little toy to gave. It’s great in the tub and also great on any surface it can adhere to. We also use it on the baby’s high chair. It keeps him entertained and focused on him learning how to coordinate his hands and make it spin. He loves it and it’s colorful and keeps his attention.

- My 4 month old loves these. The bearings are really good and they spin well. Perfect for tummy time. They still well to surfaces.

- Seriously the best travel toy! It kept my baby busy on the plane for a really long time! Suction it to the plane window, or the seat back TV screen! My baby loved it!! And several passengers were amazed at how awesome that was at keeping my 8 month old entertained. Highly recommend!

Pull string activity toy, sensory toy, fine motor skills, great for traveling


- My friend’s special needs son “LOVED, LOVED” this item and played with it for hours and continues to play with it often.

- My son got this around 9 months old and mainly used it as a teether and is now 20 months and plays with every feature! For sure worth it!

- Just like stress balls (or a pen that clicks) for adults to destress, this squid thing is very zen for toddlers. My son has outgrown it by now (2 yo) but if he hasn't seen it in a while and sees it again he still loves it. At 1-1.5 yo though most kids will enjoy learning the fine motor skills and fiddling with the buttons. Totally worth the money.

- My little loves this toys. The ends of the tentacles have different textures that help her with teething. She has also likes playing with the push bottom and hearing how it click every time she pushes it.

- This was the best purchase I made for our plane trip. She loves all aspects of the toy and has quickly figured out how to do the more challenging things.

- My grandson is not easily self entertained, but this toy has been a great help to keep him occupied during travel, as well as just during play time. My daughter said it has been one of the best two toys he has gotten, in terms of interest.

- Love toys like this that help stimulate motor skills and baby's brains. This is one of the few toys that my daughter will set with and concentrate on for a bit. It's sturdy, didn't smell at all, and it goes everywhere with us.

Wooden sorting stacking rocks, sensory toys learning Montessori


- I purchased these for my grandsons. They love blocks and these are very different and challenging. Very nice quality, smooth and calming for sensory development, and safe water based paint with quiet colors. Arrived timely and packaged well.

- Great for small children dexterity

- I purchase these every time I need a gift for a 2-3 year old. They provide hours of fun and are developmentally appropriate! One niece has several sets so she build elaborate structures! The original set hs stood up to time, teeth and anything else a toddler can dish out.

- I bought these for my first graders for a morning exploration bin and they love them. They are great for getting them to think in different ways!

Bubble sensory pop fidget toy, stress reliever, anxiety relief


- This fidget is less of a distraction than many fidgets. My students love them.

- I have a group of 12 three year olds and they love them. We use them for calming down and quiet time. Some of the kids are rough with them but they’re still in perfect for my kiddos. I have other teachers borrow them frequently! LOVE ❤️

- I love these as they are very calming and help me focus more. The only drawback is that one side pops better than the other side but it still pops well. It just sounds better one way versus the other. I love the variety of colors. My whole family has one to pop, plus extra. I highly recommend these.

Tube with stuff inside for visual stimulation


- Granddaughter has sensory issues with a few more health problems and these toys were perfect. She really enjoys playing with them and would recommend them to anyone who child has sensory issues, in OT or PT, etc.

- Great toys for daughter. She loves sitting with them and it helps her relax and calm down.

- These seem very durable and my daughter plays around with them quite a bit. Definitely recommended for kids with a higher sensory input need.

- Bought this for my two year old and she really likes them! They are calming, but also educational: why do these objects move slower in water and faster in air? One of the tubs comes with a button that pushes the glitter/water up. My toddler loves pushing it. It’s a clean and easy source of wonder while we’re driving or traveling or just walking to park.

- My autistic grandson loves them. So do his younger sisters!

- This did work to help child with calming

- I use these in my preschool classroom when a student may need a minute to calm down!

- My students use these sensory fidget tubes in the calm down area of the classroom and like them very much. They are very durable and I don't feel that they would break if dropped. These have been a good addition to our classroom.

- Bought for an autistic child who has a hard time maintaining eye contact. With these toys, he enjoys moving and turning them, then will look at his people to show them what he does. It is so nice to see him being more willing to interact

- Great tool for kids that stem and autistic children alike

- We bought these for a calm down corner and they are great little tools to help kids focus on something else besides the big emotions going through them.

- I was trying to figure out what to buy my Autistic nephew and this was a great choice. I was told he loves snow globes but he throws toys and have broken them. These are great alternatives. They calm him and he enjoys watching the water bubbles and such. He does throw them when he’s upset but they are durable and haven’t broke yet.

- Bought for my autistic son and he loves them. He plays with them everyday. They're neat looking and all are different. Seem pretty durable.

Activity play centers liquid tiles for kids


- Great quality! My son is high on the spectrum and does not find joy with many things. He loves these! Highly recommend 👌🏾

- We bought these for our students, and they love using them. They are great for relaxing, and make a great calming center. The adults love them too.

- Absolutely love them!! I run a Home daycare and got them for the infants, try again all ages including the adult teachers are playing with them!! Lol. Definitely keeps them engaged and uses large motor muscles by jumping on the color I say next! Definitely glad I bought these and even our parents are looking into them for at home use!

- These are so cool and so soothing to look at. I personally use it as room decor, but since my brother has autism, he loves jumping on them. It's great for sensory. Although, the corners are very sharp so I would recommend putting padding on them. Otherwise, amazing stuff!

- These can be used for activities or they can be placed on the floors and used as an sensory area for children! fun to walk on! good value


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